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BiomassConsultancy.comô is an initiative of BFP International B.V. together with first class business partners, to support and assist companies, associations and organizations that are involved in the procurement, financing, trading, logistics, handling, processing or use of biomass commodities. BiomassConsultancy.comô is a Dutch idea with an international focus and projects on various locations worldwide. Our clients range from multinationals, associations to trading companies and policy makers.

In a rapidly changing world where fossil fuels are depleting, security of energy supply is vital. Climate change confronts industries with new dilemmas, shifting government policies, new strategies and fresh business opportunities. BiomassConsultancy.comô is a reliable and knowledgeable consultancy partner. The team has many years of experience within the international agri commodities arena in combination with outstanding consultancy skills accumulated on an extensive range of projects. Together with first class business partners we make this expertise and know-how available to our clients, providing amongst others proven concepts, risk management tools, project management and logistic solutions for the biomass commodities sector and policy makers.